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As seen in the April 2010 Martha Stewart Living magazine:



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Worldview Pictures has been in operation since 1983 providing wholesale picture framing to volume customers across the United States. We offer a complete wholesale picture framing service. We carry a large inventory of picture frame moulding, ready to be cut and joined to your specifications. We can also do custom milling and finishing to match any existing picture frame. We stock a large inventory of Worldview Pictures mat board. We also carry all Crescent and Bainbridge mat boards, both regular and acid free . The internet has now allowed us to provide these same things  to small users.

Purchase $200 or more in total and receive 5% off when you check out, purchase $500 or more  and 
receive 10% off of  the total, when you purchase directly on line.  


 Frames:  Ready made standard size  frames. 
Volume users can order custom  size or larger quantity of picture frames at wholesale prices. 
 Mats:  Ready made standard   size mats available in stock colors and color combinations.
Volume users can order custom  size and more color of mats at a discount. All of our mats are cut on one of our computer controlled mat cutters to insure the highest quality.
 Backs:  Standard size chipboard, scrap mat, corrugated, foamcore & easel backs.
 Bags:  Standard size crystal clear display bags.
 Supplies: Mounting tape , hanging hardware, hanging kits, and finishing tools.



For our volume customers we also provide assembly of pictures, collectables and gift products.  
We can  do  direct  shipping of your product to your customers.
Have an idea for a product but don't know how to manufacture it, contact one of our experts.     



We currently are selling several styles of discontinued ready made frames  at a huge discount. This sale is limited  to stock on hand . Order now before they are gone.


 We can give you all the components that you need to frame it yourself, or we can do the assembly for you. We can also package and do fulfillment if you desire. We offer custom frames and stock size frames, standard size mats and custom cut mats, glazing, plain and easel backs. Artistic development, sales and marketing are what builds your business. Production details takes time away from these business builders. Spend more time on the things that build your business by letting us take care of the production. . . . and cut your costs at the same time. Please compare our prices and the quality of our products and services. Contact our customers and talk to them.

Smaller Quantities:   

Our extensive experience, sophisticated equipment, and uncompromising dedication to quality has allowed us to be successful at servicing large and discriminating  customers. Why shouldn't everyone interested in a dependable source for quality matting and framing components and services be able to buy them at excellent prices? To that end we are now offering many of our products and services to all customers with no minimum order size.         

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