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Picture framing Supplies &

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Packaged picture wire

picture wire
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#2094 Set for one  picture. Includes 2 screw eyes, 3 feet of wire, one 20 # hanger

#2094 picture hanging set  $.80 each;  QTY:      


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#2490 Set for one  picture. Includes 2 hangers,2 screws, 6 feet of #4 wire, one 50 # hanger

#2490 picture hanging set $1.07 each  QTY:       

Framing Tape

pH neutral pressure-sensitive cloth tape for general framing use. Easy to apply, works like regular tape.
 Hand tearable, non-staining adhesive.

20 yard roll Framing Tape  $11.34 each;  QTY:       


Double sided "ATG" Applicator

This ATG gun applies double sided tape right where you want it. Great for taping mats together and adding dust covers to frames. This applicator is currently used by professional picture framers across the nation. The applicator automatically rewinds the tape liner from 3/4", 1/2", and 1/4" tape (1/4" requires an adapter). It has the capacity for long yardage tape and has a clear cover to monitor tape use. The gun includes a roll of 1/2" tape.

The ATG tape that we sell is  1/2 " wide by 36 yards long.

#700 ATG applicator gun  $45.00 each  QTY:       

36 yard roll of ATG tape $5.20 each  QTY:       

Finishing tools


Easily inserts framers points into wood frames.

PushMate $10.40 each QTY:      

Glazier's points  $1.56 per  pack of 50 QTY:      

PushMate kit includes driver and points, $11.72 each  QTY:      



  A professional quality point driver that won’t double feed or jam.  Full grip trigger fires points with a minimum amount 
of pressure.  One point provides more holding surface than 4 ordinary brads. Holds glass, artwork and backing material
 securely in wooden frames. Spring adjustment lets you adjust firing power to the density of the wood. 
  Order points separately. 


FrameMaster $68.00 each  QTY:      

FrameMaster points $14.90 per  pack of 3000  QTY:      

FrameMaster kit includes gun and points $81.90 each  QTY:      



The professional point driver that drives flexible points (the kind you can bend up or down to remove a picture or backing).
  Easy to load magazine holds 170 flexible points.  Spring adjustment lets you adjust firing power to the density of the wood.
 The FlexiMaster was developed for use in jobs where the artwork or photograph will be interchanged. Order points separately. 

FlexiMaster $76.25 each  QTY:      

FlexiMasetr points $17.00  per  pack of 3700  QTY:      

FlexiMaster kit includes gun and points $92.25 each   QTY:      


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