wholesale picture framing  

   wholesale  picture frames, mat cutting and assembly  




Value Line These high quality frames have been specially selected to give you the most bang for your $.

  Purchase $200 or more in total and receive 5% off when you check out, purchase $500 or more  and 
receive 10% off of  the total.  
Frames exceeding 16" x 20" in size will be shipped unassembled with assembly hardware and instructions included. 

These frames do not include a back or glazing. To order backs  and  plexi please go to the
 framing kit  section.  To order fitting tools please go to supplies.

We are reviewing our stock mouldings. If the moulding you select has been discontinued or is temporarily out-of-stock, we will contact you and let you know the status and discuss alternatives.






 Prices do not include shipping. For shipping charges please click here.

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